Message from Ms. Tamre

March 3, 2020

To our Anastasia Kids and KidsPraise Families and Volunteers,

Earlier this week, Senior Pastor Walter West announced that, as a church, we are transitioning away from church wide and ministry Covid precaution requests/requirements. This lessening of official Covid-related protocols relates to all staff and families during our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening on-campus ministries.

Please take the time to read the linked informative message from Pastor Walter as well as watch his video. He shared this message church wide via email this past Tuesday. It’s available at

As always, the safety and protection of your children is our most important priority. This also holds true for our youth and adult volunteers. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.


Tamré  Bennett

Children’s Minister / Island Campus

And the entire Children’s Ministry Team:

  • Hannahlee Goedelman, Early Childhood Minister
  • Becky Yeoman, Anastasia Kids/Anastasia Kids Jr. Assistant
  • Stephanie Styles, KidsPraise/Traditional Worship Assistant


Please take a moment to like and follow ALL of our Anastasia children’s ministry Facebook pages as much of the curriculum will be shared this way.

Anastasia Kids (1st-5th grade weekend ministry)

Anastasia Kids jr. (birth – kindergarten weekend ministry)

KidsPraise (3 year olds – 5th grade midweek ministry)