Kid’s Baptism

Baptism Shirt Gray Background

We believe that, after making the decision to follow Christ, the Bible calls us to be baptized. Baptism is an outward declaration of an inward commitment to following Jesus and putting God first. It’s such an exciting and important step and one we want to celebrate with our Anastasia Kids!

Our Baptism Celebration for Kids takes place 3-4 times a year. On these Sundays, our 1st-5th graders gather in the sanctuary to witness the baptism of their friends and then return to the 3rd floor for a celebration.


If you feel God is calling you or your child to be baptized, we encourage you and your child to meet with Tamre Bennett, Children’s Minister, to discuss the meaning of baptism.  She can be reached at

Our most recent Kids Baptism Celebration was January 30, 2022.

On Sunday, November 3rd, during the 9:30 a.m. service, we had our second Baptism Celebration for Kids!

Conversations about Faith

Does your child want to talk more deeply about their faith? We have Parent Guides to help you with those conversations. Click here to download a guide containing suggestions for preschoolers through high schoolers!

If your child understands and has made a decision to follow Jesus Christ but has never been baptized, we would love to have them join us! If you think your child is ready to make this decision but hasn’t yet, we’re happy to set up a time to talk with them. Contact Tamre Bennett at 904-471-2166 x 122 or for more information.

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