We are a loving team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about creating a safe and fun church home for children. We help children learn about Jesus and to build meaningful friendships with each other. Our mission is to connect kids to God and to others.

Children’s Ministry Team / Anastasia Church on the Island

Tamré Bennett, Children’s Minister/ tamre.b@anastasiachurch.org

Hannahlee Goedelman, Anastasia Kids Jr. Director / earlychildhood@anastasiachurch.org

Becky Yeoman, Anastasia Kids/Kids Jr. Associate / kids@anastasiachurch.org

Stephanie Styles, Anastasia KidsPraise/Sanctuary Worship Associate / stephanie.s@anastasiachurch.org

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1650 A1A South, St. Augustine, FL 32080

904-471-2166 church office