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KidsPraise – Wednesdays from 6-7:15 pm


or stop by the KidsPraise table in the Atrium on Wednesday night to enroll in person.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Kindergarten class is currently full. If you’re interested in being placed on a waitlist, please email Stephanie at

Kickoff is Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 6 pm.

VERY IMPORTANT: All children must re-register for KidsPraise. We apologize for the inconvenience but we must do so in order to allow a chance to register to families who were unable to participate in the Fall because of class size restraints.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: If you are trying to coordinate your child being in an elective with another child, both families must both be registered and both families must put the kids’ names and class choices in the notes section of their registration forms. We make no guarantees that we can accommodate these requests.

What is KidsPraise?

Anastasia KidsPraise is the midweek worship + arts ministry for children from three years old (by September 1st and potty-trained) through fifth grade. We exist to guide children to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and become lifelong worshipers of God through music, arts, and media. We do this by equipping kids to offer whatever talents, gifts, and skills they possess back to God as an act of worship. This program runs Wednesday evenings from 6-7:15 pm during the school year, typically ending before the scheduling madness of “Maycember” begins.

KidsPraise is designed as two separate semesters, running mid August through early December and mid-January through late April. Each semester, 1st-5th graders experience two consecutive, six-week elective classes which they select during the registration process. This semester’s classes include: Crafts, Hip Hop, Helping Hands, Lego, Drum, Rec+Games, and Woodworking. PreK+K is also designed as two semesters, but each class is self-contained with three segments each week – games, crafts and music.

You’ve registered….now what?

Everything you could ever want to know about KidsPraise is here in our PARENT+VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK. Some of the most important info is below.

On KidsPraise Wednesdays During the School Year:

  • Check-in begins at 5:50 pm in the Atrium for 1st-5th grade by last name and in the Three’s, Four’s and Kindergarten classrooms (Building A and Building B). Parents are required to be with their children at check-in – please do not send kids in by themselves.
    • Elementary age kids will head to the A-G, H-M, or N-Z check-in tables to pick up their name tags, parents will receive their pick-up cards, and kids will head into the CLC.
    • Kindergartners and under will check in at their classes, receive name tags, parents will get pick-up cards, and kids will enter their classrooms.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Children of volunteers are allowed to check in early at 5:45 pm so their parents can get to their classrooms on time.
  • Dismissal begins at 7 pm for Three’s, Four’s and Kindergarten from their classrooms and at 7:15 from the Atrium for 1st-5th graders. Be sure you have your pick-up cards! First-5th graders will be in the CLC. Parents will hand over pick-up cards to the secretaries (by last name) and volunteers will retrieve your child, take their name tags, and return your pick-up cards. Children will not be dismissed without an adult present.
    • PLEASE NOTE: KidsPraise no longer provides extended care as the majority of onsite ministries are aligned within the 6-7:15 pm window. If you are participating in an on-campus ministry that ends at 7:15 but you have a child in Three’s, Four’s and Kindergarten, please pick them up no later than 7:15 so our volunteers are able to retrieve their own children. Thanks!


  • On the first night of each month, we’ll reveal that month’s Scripture verses. They will be posted on our website, Facebook and sent home on paper. Beginning the second week of the month, children will be able to recite their verses.
  • First-5th graders recite their verse JUST PRIOR TO and DURING check-in at the South End Welcome Desk. Prizes are picked up AFTER dismissal by visiting the same location.
  • Three’s, Four’s and Kindergarteners recite their verses in their classrooms when they first arrive and receive their prizes there as well.

PreK+K verses

1st-5th Grade verses

SPRING 2023 MUSIC + LYRICS – coming soon

1st-5th Graders will have CDs and lyric books available to go home February 1st. PreK+K soon after.


Visit the Resource Center to find answers to many frequently asked questions.