Here’s some information about things we frequently receive questions about. If you can’t find an answer on our site, please call Stephanie or Becky at 904.471.2166 for more help!

CHILD DEDICATIONS Child Dedications are a special part of weekend worship services where parents publicly commit to raise their child in a Christian home and guide their child towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. For information about scheduled dates for Parent Commitment/Child Dedication services at our Island campus, please contact Becky Yeoman, Anastasia Kids Assistant, at 904-471-2166.

FELLOWSHIP DINNERS Our Wednesday Fellowship dinners will begin September  1, 2021. Dinner starts at 5 pm. Menu varies each week and is published in the bulletin. Adults (12 and up): $5; Children (3-11): $3, Children (under 3): Free. Dessert and drink are included in the price.

UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR It is our goal to encourage children to grow socially, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We want all of our children to be safe and feel safe. Any child’s behavior that is harmful to himself/herself, another child, or a teacher (such as fighting, scratching, biting, and hitting) will not be allowed during KidsPraise. If unacceptable behavior does occur, the lead volunteer will talk with the child about appropriate behavior and the child will be redirected to another activity. Parents will be contacted if an unacceptable behavior persists.

VISITORS / BRINGING A FRIEND We wholeheartedly welcome visitors and friends! We are so excited when our children bring a friend. However, it is imperative that we have some sort of contact info for each child in the event of an emergency.

  • Anastasia Kids: Visitors to our weekend children’s programs are asked to create a free account at KidCheck.com, our electronic check-in program. If a current Anastasia Kids parent is bringing along a friend, please add that child to your account for a smooth check-in.
  • KidsPraise: We ask parents of visiting children or the KidsPraise parent bringing a friend to complete a basic contact info form for each child visiting. Feel free to download and complete the form before you come and stop by the Connection Table in the Atrium to turn it in and get a nametag.

VOLUNTEER WORKERS At least two adult workers will be in attendance in each classroom. Typically, Anastasia Kids volunteers are required to be members of Anastasia Baptist for six months before serving. All workers are required to fill out a Volunteer Screening and submit to a background check. Please visit our SERVE WITH US page for more information.

WELL CHILD POLICY  We operate a well-child environment. For the protection of all the children in our ministry, we cannot accept a child with a runny nose, fresh cold (four days or less), fever, red or runny eyes, sore throat, undiagnosed rash, persistent cough, vomiting, diarrhea, illness being treated with antibiotics for less than 24 hours or any other signs of illness. We request that you not place your child in the program while they are at risk of exposing other children.  If in doubt, please stay at home. Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our Anastasia Kids program a healthy place!