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Faith Campaign


Have you heard the BIG news?!

We’re launching our Faith Campaign – “4 Generations to Come!” This is our first step toward building an Anastasia Family Center, which will house our new preschool, children and youth spaces, and an Anastasia Activity Center.

If you have not yet seen the video showing what these buildings could look like, watch it now!

Each of the coming four weekends (starting Feb 8-9) in Anastasia Kids are designed to build on each other. Each foundation segment will build on the previous week, so we’d love for your child to attend every week in February to stay in the loop. All will culminate in a presentation by the children during worship services on Saturday, February 29, and Sunday, March 1, as part of the church-wide “4G” introduction!


1st-5th Grade: Today your children will learn about the huge role they’ll play in the campaign rollout. We’ll share the idea of using the talents God gave them to grow money that will then be gifted. We’ll challenge them by presenting the first of four 4G components – a bag with “seed money” for them to grow.

3’s, 4’s, and Kindergarten: The children will learn that God gave us talents, time and treasure and we should be thankful for them. We will share about the huge role the children will play in the campaign roll out and what fun plans are happening over the next few weeks.  BIBLE TRUTH: Jesus teaches us to use the gifts God gives us. / BIBLE STORY: The parable of the talents


1st-5th Grade: Children will receive their own Anastasia Kids bank to take home and use for collecting their money and donations.

3’s, 4’s, and Kindergarten: The children will learn about being a cheerful giver. They will receive their own Anastasia Kids bank to take home for collecting money to give towards the 4G campaign. BIBLE TRUTH: Jesus teaches us to be a cheerful and generous giver. / BIBLE STORY: The woman who gave two coins was a cheerful and generous giver.


1st-5th Grade: Kids will receive an Anastasia Kids 4G T-shirt to wear for next weekend’s big presentation during our weekend services!

3’s, 4’s, and Kindergarten: Review of the last two weeks, games, crafts and songs. Kids will receive an Anastasia Kids 4G T-shirt to wear for next weekend’s big presentation during our weekend services!


3’s through 5th grade will be part of the Anastasia Kids presentation of gifts.
• All kids will wear an Anastasia Kids 4G T-shirt and an optional 4G tattoo!
• They will process into the CLC and Sanctuary holding ‘bricks’ representing their role in contributing to the foundation of our Faith Campaign.
• All kids will bring in their donations and pledges in their AK banks.

3’s, 4’s, and Kindergarten:  Cookies and Cocoa Celebration!

We are so excited about our future!



On November 8, 2019,  we rolled out our faith campaign, 4 Generations to Come. After years of prayer and thanks to your dedicated giving to our church, we are blessed to be taking the steps towards adding a pre-school, children and youth building as well as a family ministry center to our campus for the future generations. We are thrilled for what’s in store and so grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness and vision for our church.

As we embark on this campaign together, we ask that you pray for us as we follow the Lord’s will for our church. If you’re invited to a dinner or an event to hear more of our hope for Anastasia’s future, we ask that you attend with an open heart as we share with you. We are so excited for the future. We love you!

Learn more on the church’s main website by clicking here!